Michael asks:

My girlfriends is at university at the moment but I need to have flowers delivered to her for her birthday. Is it possible to have flowers delivered to a hall of residence? Ideally I would like to order them online from a proper florists but this is all new to me.

I have sent here parcels before but these are usually held at a halls office as is the mail, they never deliver it to her room. I am worried that the flowers will just be left at the mail office. I know that Interflora has a same day flowers service so I have exactly 2 days to work this out. Any help would be very appreciated.

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I have had a few emails asking if there is an online florist which does this. I can understand this as same day flower delivery costs can be quite steep compared to the delivery for ordering flowers a few days in advance.

All I can say is I have have spent a lot of time looking at the services provided by what must be almost all online uk florists and I have and I have not seen a free same day flowers delivery deal.

If it is ok to have the flowers delivered the following day (next day flowers) there are a few options :

  • Serenata Flowers has free next day delivery and you can order as late as 8pm.
  • Flying Flowers (great value florist) also has free next day flowers delivery but you have to have ordered by 2.30pm.

There are others but these two are the most popular. If anyone knows of any free same day flowers deals please drop me a line at info[at]samedayflowersdelivery.co.uk and I’ll do my best to get the word out.



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