Same Day Flowers To The USA

Same day flowers is not just limited to the UK. People who want to have flowers delivered overseas can also take advantage of it. Many of the florist which deliver same day nationally on the can have flowers delivered flowers internationally just as quick. There is also a alternative to using a online UK florists which may save you money depending on the country.

I have a lot of family in the US – my dad was born there – so my myself and my family have many opportunities to send gifts and occasionally flowers there. Over the last couple of years we have had a spate of cousins becoming new parents. We wanted to send flowers to say congratulations but as you can never plan when a baby will arrive we couldn’t order them in advance but at the same time we needed them to arrive quickly.

The first time this happened I did a little research on the web – and I mean a little, as the clock was ticking and I need to get the flowers ordered ASAP – I found this web site which lead me to some UK florists which do same day flowers. Most of these also delivered to the US same day – yay! We used iFlorist, the flowers arrived within hours of taking our order online and they were beautiful – we were told. On the other occasions since we have used other online florists namely Interflora & Serenata Flowers all delivered top quality flowers on time.

For the most recent newborn I decided to try something different. I was never crazy about spending £7.99 on delivery and I learned that Interflora is just the international segment of and American florist called so I tried ordering from there and pay in $. They don’t do same day flowers so I had to settle for next day but I saved a packet. All I need now is to find a US florist that does same day flowers before the next baby arrives.

If you need same day delivery of flowers to the US I can heartily recommend the UK online florists I mentioned above and it is as simple as ordering flowers for your mum down the road. If you don’t mind them being next day then use FTD they are indeed cheaper – if I find  and use an established and reputable same day flowers US florists I’ll post my experiences on here.


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